Apple Flagship Store
in Bagdat Street, Istanbul

Construction of a new building on the Asian side of Istanbul: foundations, below and above-ground superstructure, facades, roof, building systems, interior finishes, urban design and landscaping.

This is the third Apple store in Istanbul but the only one in a detached building. Its design bears the unmistakable stamp of Foster + Partners, the studio Apple has worked with since 2013: large glass facades, metal structures, carbon-fibre eaves, elements that improve sustainability (green roof with large skylights, rainwater collection system for use in toilets and irrigation, etc.), interior and exterior walls clad in Italian travertine marble and, as is always the case with this British firm and the technological vocation of the American client, making the most of the materials’ physical and geometric properties.


The nearly 2,000 square metres of usable floor area are distributed in four levels, with two basement floors containing technical rooms and facilities for store staff, a semi-basement with a retail area, offices and landscaped outer courtyard, and a ground floor devoted entirely to retail that opens onto Badgat Street, a major shopping artery on the Anatolian side of Istanbul.