Empty’s history began in 1991 with the desire to create a company that did things differently in the construction and architecture world. Since then, the company has always acted with a clear calling for excellence in each and every environment it has contributed to. Today, Empty is a benchmark company in its sector, having worked with countless designers and architects on many different projects, some of which have received prestigious national and international awards such as the FAD Ephemeral Spaces Awards, the Aga Khan Award for Architecture and the First Prize in the competition for the design and exhibition contents for the Spanish Pavilion at Expo Milan 2015.

The activity of Empty is centered on the development of unique projects that must satisfy complex objectives, where the attention to the different aspects of design and material execution occupy a prominent place, so the work is always developed in highly demanding and stimulating contexts in terms of creativity and innovation.

The brand Empty is associated to the guaranteed fulfillment of objectives of quality, deadlines and costs that must be kept in mind for every project. And as a company, its attitude is that of a close collaborator that is involved in the integral development of the process with rigor and professionality.

The aim of Empty is to be an effective means to materialize complex projects that demand mobilizing and orchestrating a broad range of human and technical resources, where each challenge is undertaken with enthusiasm and sensitivity, endeavoring to bring to every result the satisfaction of things done well.

Museums and exhibitions

Personal experience and flexibility together with that of the collaborating teams allow for organisation and coordination of the various phases of each museographic or exhibition installation, from the proposal and execution to the inauguration and dismantling. Also, the project, production and assembly of all usual items in these types of work can be taken on: glazing, lighting, supports (mock-ups and ephemeral structures), graphic design (catalogues, graphic items and signage…), sceneries, audiovisuals.


For these types of actions services are provided which consist in the assessment, organisation, coordination and execution of the following types of projects: rehabilitation, offices, business premises and housing. For every job and since the beginning, we have always worked closely both with the customer and with the project drafting team, providing Empty’s experience to facilitate the solution of the various problems arising during the development of any work.


Francisco Mínguez

Executive Committee:

Nicolás Mínguez

General Manager
Óscar Sáez

Operations Manager
Rodolfo del Valle

Content Manager
Adela García-Herrera

Project Directors
Dada Sanz
Harold Garzón

Branch Managers
Daniel Fernández
Yamaç Korfali

Office Manager
Nines Tejeda

Legal Manager
Gonzalo Rodríguez

Projects Administration
Aileen Bautista
Greez Bautista
Ismael Jiménez
Juana España
Laura Serrano
Liza Cabrera
Marian García
Raquel López
Rowena Arnido

Financial Controller
José Luis Sánchez

Accounting & Finance
Ion Cazacu
Nuria Mingorance
Rosa de la Hoz
Satish Kesavan
Usman Bhinder
Verónica Coman

Alejandra Rodríguez
Begoña Ibáñez
Elena Casero
Pilar de Diego

QHSE Management
Allan Ico
Álvaro Durango
Emil Venugopal
Hafiz Naveed
Irene Martínez
José Luis Ruiz
Reynaldo Ambray
Verónica Orosa


Technical Managers
Ángel Arribas (Construction)
Juan Trueba (Museography)
Daniel Solano (Engineering)

Project Managers
Alexandre Akbaraly
Alfredo Moure
Álvaro Navarro
Ángela González
Elena Gigosos
Enrique Cuartero
Eva Urquijo
Francisco Bermejo
Ignacio Añoveros
Juan Luis Rivas
Miguel Hernanz
Patricia Bünecker
Silvia Rodríguez

Project Management Team
Abdullah Mohammed
Aitor Gilolmo
Alejandro Gutiérrez
Amaia Hernandez
Ana Establés
Asier Elvira
Aytekin Bakar
Carlos Cabrera
David Trashorras
Gonzalo Pérez
Isabel Barroso
Jesús Campo
José María Martín
Juan Lobato
Juan Manuel Raineri
Maja Unkovic
Marc Supervía
Marcial Edu
Marites Nicolas
Marta Gambetta
Marta Rovelli
Matías Bórquez
Mohammed Abdul Mehraj
Nikola Bozovic
Raquel Rodríguez
Ricardo Goyanes
Tarhan Selen
Vinicius Stump

Begoña Yagüe
Roberto Pérez

Andrés Tajadura
Javier Mata


Technical Team
Aby Kizhakkemury
Abel Pino
Alberto Montero
Alejandro Calle
Alejandro del Río
Alejandro Villagrasa
Álvaro Hoyuelos
Ana Victoria Morales
Ana Redondo
Andrea Freire
Bashar Alshareb
Carlos Álvarez
Cristina Sarasola
Dave Gutierrez
David López
David Vinagre
Elena Herranz
Elisabeth Carmona
Gabriel Castillón
Henry Kitane II
Iván Sánchez
Jaime Garrido
Javier del Pozo
Javier Montoya
Jithesh Madayi
Jorge Díaz
Jorge Rastrollo
Julián Cifuentes
Kavya Mallica
Leticia de Navascués
María de la Fuente
Michael Kenneth
Oián Puente
Oliver Mould
Pablo Martín
Paula Esteban
Paulo Barroso
Raluca Solomon
Raquel Prendes
Rihan Ansari
Roberto García
Rosario Francisco
Samuel Ghali
Sofía Mesa

Abel Vega
Adrián Bernabeu
Ahmed Oulad Mohand
Carlos Eduardo Santos
Cristhian Izurieta
Darwin Paul León
Elimane Sene
Eugenio Salvatierra
Gregorio Val
Johnatan Lioneta
José Leonardo Lozano
Juan Miguel Cárdenas
Julio César Vargas
Miguel Morales
Oliver Naranjo
Osman Mehmed
Paulo Coronado
Pawel Lewko
Rafael Herrero
Raúl Popitán
Telmo Apolo
Wuilson Chanatasig

Innovation Projects Manager
Csaba Tarsoly

Content Management
Gustavo Almeida

Audiovisuals & Multimedia
Guillermo Sáenz
Stathis Doganis

Graphics Design,
Photography &
Abu Amal
Fernando Puertollano
Laura San Román
Mika Cartier
Mohammed Fazil
Patricia Iglesias
Ricardo Pérez

Mounts & Art Handling Specialists
Arnulfo Medina
Borja Robles
Jaime Escárate
José Herrero de Vasconcellos
Lucely Orozco
Sandra Rein



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