Spanish Pavilion, Expo Zaragoza 2008

Design and production of museographic elements, audiovisual productions and set designs for the Spanish Pavilion at Expo Zaragoza 2008.

The International Exhibition celebrated in Zaragoza in 2008 had the slogan Waters and sustainable development. In the Pavilion of Spain, projected by the architect Francisco Mangado, Empty carried out the design, production and installation of the contents in the fields 2 and 3, respectively The water in the earth and The water in Spain.

Matías Pintó, the museography designer, was inspired, for field 2, on the winding geometries associated to the water. The floor, walls and ceiling merged in the space, offering different forms the exhibition resources where located—audiovisual presentations, virtual scenes, light effects, sounds and music— to take the visitor in the water universe: the molecule, his properties and states, the phenomena related, the hydrological cycle, the landscapes that generates and the favoured biological diversity…

In the center of field 3, was placed a big model of the Iberian Peninsula. A part was supported in the floor to show the orography, and the other one hanged from the ceiling to show the situation and density of the aquifers. Both parts received a video projection about the geographic water distribution in Spain, its hydrological resources and management.