Al Shindagha Museum, Dubai
W2B People and Faith & Emerging City

Design, development, production and installation both the content of the museums and the exhibition.

People and Faith and Emerging City are two of the new museums developed in the historic Dubai Area – the remodeled houses of Al Shindagha – as part of a large plan to open 25 museums to revive this important area of the city and turn it into a cultural hub.

In People and Faith, the importance of religion in shaping the lives of Dubai´s ancestors and actual citizens is displayed around a simple yet emotional design, comprising themes around life in community, education, religious celebrations and family.

Although traditional in content, the museum´s use of digital technology combined with artifacts makes it a generous space, with a visual language that is open, up to date and accesible to a wider and diverse audience.

In Emerging City, relevant aspects of the growth and development of Dubai are introduced in a space that evolves around one design idea – the layered conformation of a city. This design approach is translated in the form of an interior design that is composed of layered volumes that become panels, benches and display cases.

Within this dynamic but cohesive architecture, images, videos, and large format animations introduce visitors the many aspects that influenced and defined what Dubai is today. The themes go from the early settlements until the major urban developments initiated by local governments, with special focus on relevant architectural elements and heritage.