Sharjah Safari Interpretation Centres,
Al Dhaid, Sharjah

Technical development, production and installation of the exhibition project of five interpretation centres: exhibition fit-out, AVs hardware integration, hand-operated interactives, a wide range of animal replicas, set designs, wayfinding system and educational exhibition graphics.

Considered the biggest safari outside Africa, the park is home to 120 species of African animals, including the rare black rhinoceros, and more than 100,000 native and African trees.

The main activities are concentrated in two zones of the park: East African Island, a walking path connecting the park entrance to the jeeps and bus excursion terminal, and Serengeti, a special tour area that hosts the lions and crocodile observation areas.

The first interpretative centre, called Birds of Africa, allows the visitor to understand the main features of birds adaptation capacities, and the challenge to recent environmental changes. The exhibition starts with a huge red-billed quelea flock sculpture, made out of 402 suspended bird replicas crossing the gallery ceiling. The exhibition extends through a range of interactive stations that integrate AVs, hand-operated interactives and animal replicas. The interior space is completed with a 46m2 seamless illustration panel and a wide window connecting the gallery with the aviary, with 55 bird species.

The “Spiny forest” is the name of the second gallery dedicated to the Madagascar environment, and the most notable animal of this habitat: the lemur. The space is structured by several free-standing, triangular totems enveloped by graphic illustrations, which as a whole, interpreted in an abstract way the native forest of this island. Suspended jumping lemur replicas and interactive hands-on elements crown the interpretative strategy of the exhibition.

The “Giant turtle’s observation spot” is supported by several illustrated panels that set up the Aldabra cove, an open space gallery that is the end of the East African Island zone.

At the Serengeti zone, the “Simba Kopje gallery” is defined by an immersive set work recreating the research hub of a biologist dedicated to the study of lions. More than forty different replicas, props and graphic elements fixed over timber of Meranti wood build up a narrative of the habits and characteristics of this animal.

“Mamba lounge” is an interpretation centre linked to a cafeteria area. At the heart of the space, a hyper-realistic replica of a 5,5 meters long Nile crocodile is displayed surrounded by a set of tools and objects recreating the explorer’s atmosphere.

Wayfinding and educational signage for the 14 sq. km. park close the scope of works on the first project that Empty has developed in the Emirate of Sharjah (UAE).