Roca Barcelona Gallery

Refurbishment and fit-out of commercial premises with technology exhibition.

The project that launched the brand’s new positioning strategy was carried out in Barcelona, the city where the company was founded, and was designed by the architecture studio OAB-Carlos Ferrater and built entirely by Empty. This marked the beginning of a collaboration that continued in London with the project for the Roca London Gallery.

The interior of the building has state-of-the-art audiovisual and lighting equipment to provide visitors with a personal and sensory experience and invite them to interact with the building through a variety of systems. All the interior technological accessories were developed, made and installed by Empty, including 10 innovative touch tables for visitors to explore the relationship between the Roca world and water and the environment.

The most notable and innovative elements are the facade, formed by 15 mm thick solid glass pieces bonded together to form 10 cm thick panels of 0.47 x 3 m, and the suspended ceiling with its continuous stainless steel grille, which demanded a custom-designed hanging system to allow access to the services.

The most striking interior finishes are the 10 mm steel plate claddings on walls and the floors covered with 10 x 10 mm ceramic tesserae. The interior also features a cantilevered staircase made of lacquered steel plate and bespoke tempered glass tables to house interactive information screens.

The custom-designed LED lighting system can be used outside because it is embedded in the framework of the facade’s glass surface, flooding the building with light.