Renovation and extension of the Mahou Tower, Madrid

Extension and remodelling of office spaces, renovation of the curtain wall and general building systems, and fit-out of the roof with exterior terracing.

Awarded to Empty in April 2020, the contract calls for the expansion and complete renovation of the lower body of the Mahou Tower, an 85-metre-high office skyscraper in Plaza de Manuel Gómez Moreno in the Azca financial district. The goal is to increase the available office space and prepare the building for a new lifecycle by giving all of its spaces a more flexible functionality.



Left to right, top to bottom: Ground floor (Plaza Pablo Ruiz Picasso); first floor (Plaza Manuel Gómez Moreno, lower level); second floor (Plaza Manuel Gómez Moreno, upper level; VIP access); third floor; intermediate floor with technical facilities; fourth floor; fifth floor; entire building.


Empty is responsible for constructing two new floors and an interstitial space for building systems, maintaining the layout of the original structure, with a separate circulation core and diaphanous distribution. It is also in charge of exterior works, which consist in replacing the existing curtain wall with a new glass structure with better thermal performance to improve the building’s energy efficiency and provide the interior with more natural light. Additionally, Empty will renovate the building systems and fit out the new roof of this lower body with exterior terracing.