Madrid Pavilion, Expo Shanghai 2010

Design, development and production of the contents and architecture for an exhibition presenting Madrid as a great metropolis with major infrastructures and public services but also as a friendly, inclusive city tailored to the needs and interests of residents.

Designed by the architecture studio of Alejandro Zaera and Farshid Moussavi using sustainable criteria, the Madrid Pavilion at Expo Shanghai 2010 replicated a social housing building in the working-class district of Carabanchel.

With the urban, domestic image of the building as its premise, the exhibition project—a collaboration between Madrid architects of different generations—was conceived as fitting out a house and using the furniture, cupboards, floors and ceilings to show visitors different aspects of contemporary Madrid, such as the provision of housing, water and waste management, transport systems and public spaces, all of which have helped to create a city tailored to the needs and interests of residents.