Spanish Pavilion, Expo Dubai 2020

Production, installation, maintenance and dismantling of the display and multimedia equipment.

Located in the thematic district of the Expo known as the “Sustainability Petal”, this project is inspired by the circular economy model, which takes into account the climate as well as the materials and their traceability, use and second life: the bioclimatic cones that define the pavilion’s visual identity are made of waterproof synthetic fabric fitted with photovoltaic cells to capture solar energy. 

The pavilion is designed as a slightly raised square with exhibition spaces that are partially buried to free up the entrance level, a stage for open-air activities covered by the conical volumes under which visitors will find smaller squares, pleasant ambiances and rest areas. The space connecting the two levels acquires a monumental air thanks to Dinamo, a work by artist Daniel Canogar whose suspended LED screens recall the double-helix shape of a DNA strand.

The exhibition project is integrated in the architecture and brings the slogan “Spain, Intelligence for Life” to life in this space. In the square, a series of interventions summarise some of Spain’s most important contributions to global culture and highlight the historical ties between Spanish and Arab culture. On the lower level, visitors will watch an art film that serves as the prologue to the rest of the experience. After leaving the screening room, they will walk through a simulated forest that offers relevant examples of how Spain supports the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. 

Using singular elements such as trees printed in 3D from eco-friendly material that absorbs CO2, interactive flooring and photobioreactors with microalgae, the exhibits are divided into three thematic areas: preserving biodiversity, balanced use of resources, and collective intelligence.