United Arab Emirates Pavilion,
Expo Dubai 2020

Design, production and installation of display elements, engineering and AV equipment, graphic elements and lighting for the pavilion of the UAE, host of the World Expo Dubai 2020.

“Connecting Minds, Creating the Future.” In keeping with the slogan of the Expo, the host country’s pavilion, designed by Valencian architect and engineer Santiago Calatrava to resemble a falcon in flight, aspires to symbolise the bold and daring spirit of the UAE as it looks to the future. The exhibition, focused on Emirati culture and social values, will be based on a concept designed by Kossmanndejong and Tellart. These Amsterdam-based studios have joined forces to devise a multisensory experience throughout the exhibition itinerary, featuring landscape elements that take on symbolic value and local traditions that have been renewed in the present and will endure in the future. 

The contract to produce and install the exhibition contents was awarded to a temporary joint venture formed by two Spanish companies, APD and Empty, whose task is to develop the concept design, engineer all audiovisual equipment, lighting, prepare shop drawings for all display elements, and handle the fit-out, production supervision, installation and on-site coordination. It will also be responsible for the entire integrated system of AV equipment and the ticketing system. Finally, the joint venture will furnish the pavilion’s VIP areas.