Chanel Barcelona

Extension and complete renovation of the boutique.

Located on Paseo de Gracia, this world-famous haute couture establishment was extended and completely refurbished. As with the French firm’s store in Madrid, Empty carried out the complete remodel of the 525 sqm space, working to a design by US architect Peter Marino.

The store remained open throughout the works, which also had to take into account the hours of rest of the guests of a luxury hotel as well as the municipal regulations governing interventions in emblematic urban settings like this one. After the demolition stage, Empty addressed the structural works and installations, while other major tasks included the store windows, facade elements, general building envelope, metal and glass work, and the installation of the stone, wood flooring and awnings.

The most characteristic element of the project and the one that best defines the open, airy atmosphere sought for the space, is the staircase, which provides a view of the establishment’s three storeys from the street, through the store windows. For Empty, it was a highly stimulating experience to take charge of both the design details and the actual construction of this emphatic yet delicate “piece”, which depending on the perspective from which it is viewed resembles the work either of a sculptor or an origami expert.