BioInspiration: Innovating from Nature travelling exhibition, Granada

Design and execution of the travelling exhibition: architecture and display mounts and cases; assistance with content development and sourcing of exhibits.

Biomimetics refers to the process of understanding and applying in human environments solutions found in nature; designing and proposing according to natural processes. This approach offers a tool for adapting more spontaneously and directly to the principles that allow life on Earth. It is also an opportunity to promote a genuinely sustainable world.

This exhibition was designed as a touring show, beginning at the Science Park in Granada and continuing first to the Technisches Museum in Vienna and then to DASA (Federal Museum of Industry and Work) in Dortmund, Germany. 

The exhibition is a fusion of nature, creativity and innovation in fields as disparate as engineering, robotics, transport, architecture, urban planning, medicine and space exploration. It features emblematic examples of biomimetics and the cutting-edge technology behind it: objects like architect Miguel Fisac’s concrete “bones”, scale models of buildings by fellow architect Norman Foster, and one of the mobile creations of kinetic sculptor Theo Jansen. 

The exhibition design emulates a landscape of inorganic volumes inspired by precious stones found in nature. The mounts on which the exhibits are displayed reinforce and supplement the content, themselves yet another example of biomimetics. In addition to their organic appearance, all these elements are made from latest-generation biomaterials.