Remodelación de la Sala de la Comisión Ejecutiva y la escalera del chaflán de Cibeles del Banco de España, Madrid

Refurbishment and fit-out of the executive committee room and chamfered staircase of the Bank of Spain’s Cibeles building, including soundproofing the glazing, restoring the stained glass windows, and upgrading the electrical installation, data security, fire prevention, and the plumbing, sewer and HVAC systems.

This intervention consisted in the complete renovation of the bank’s main meeting room and the staircase leading to the room, including the stained glass skylight.
In the meeting room, the large original window was replaced by a new one with a thick solid steel framework and special screws, complete with high-quality soundproofing and special safety glass—Stadip Protect HN 540-S 10+10+10+10 mm, 10 mm air chamber and Stadip Silence 6+4 mm Butyral interlayer—with a total thickness of 72 mm.

The original window had an area of 50 m2 and the largest pane of glass, located in the middle, weighed 400 kg. The original decoration also had to be restored and reinserted into the metal frame.

The works were carried out without interfering in the daily use of the spaces. Coordinating the manufacture of the window frames and glazing was a particularly important task, and extreme precision was required during the fitting of the panes of glass to avoid breakage since that would have compromised completion of the work by the strict deadline agreed.