Apple significant store,

Construction of a new retail pavilion for an American technology firm in the French town of Aix-en-Provence.

The building, which created an outdoor appearance, replaced an existing brick building on the south side of Place du Général de Gaulle, and it was designed to integrate into the plaza’s surrounding upscale shops from international retailers.

The store has a sales area that overlooks the plaza; a sales area, an office and access reservations to Rue Gontard; and a basement—for which it was necessary to excavate up to ten meters deep—that houses premises dedicated to personnel, a storage area and technical rooms.

Part of the pavilion is clad in stone, but the façade to the square is glazed over its entire height on the east, north, and west sides. The stone-clad rear wall is separated from the main building by a staircase, anchored to the main structure, and a large skylight.

The roof includes in its central part a multilayer waterproofing + gravel and in its peripheral part it is lined with stainless steel plates. This thin roof rests on the rear stone part and is supported by free-standing metal pillars on the north façade.