Integrated Management Policy

EMPTY SL is a company whose operations consist in the analysis, drafting and execution of singular architectural projects, especially in the fields of museography, restoration and refurbishment, and interior design. In order to pursue these operations with every possible safeguard, EMPTY SL has implemented an integrated occupational health and safety, quality and environmental policy, the main points of which are as follows:


Commitment to comply with all legal requirements and technical codes that apply to the company’s operations, and with all other regulations or standards of any nature which EMPTY SL undertakes to implement with regard to the environment and occupational health and safety in the course of said operations.

This commitment is commensurate with the magnitude of the hazards identified in documented processes related to occupational health and safety and to the environmental impact of the operations of EMPTY SL and shall likewise apply to all products supplied and services rendered in the course of those operations.

Commitment to protect the environment, prevent pollution, use resources sustainably and provide adequate conditions for working in a safe and healthy way, with a view to preventing work-related health problems.

Commitment to the fundamental objective of guaranteeing that customer needs and expectations are fully met by orientating company decisions and operations towards the proper and efficient assurance of quality, environmental management and occupational health and safety, eliminating all hazards and reducing personal risks.

Commitment to the promotion of personal autonomy, free individual initiative and teamwork among all personnel so that they can contribute more effectively to achieving the objectives of EMPTY SL. 

Commitment to continuous improvement in the efficacy of all operations related to the integrated management system and its effective reinforcement in correlation with the pursuit of total customer satisfaction.

For EMPTY SL, nothing is more important than people, which is why it believes it is imperative that workers be consulted and participate in the company’s activities, based on the conviction that their involvement is vital to achieving operational excellence and improving occupational health and safety conditions.

The management and staff of EMPTY SL share and understand this management system as a working method designed to achieve excellence in the performance of all processes related to the company’s operations, seeking an end result that provides the satisfaction of a job well done while also meeting the requirements stipulated by customers.

This policy has been conveyed to all members of the company so that, among other things, they are fully aware of their individual obligations in respect of occupational health and safety. It has likewise been conveyed to all individuals and organisations that work on behalf of EMPTY SL, and has been understood, enforced and kept up to date at every level of the organisation, conducting periodic reviews to verify its effectiveness, enforcement and suitability to the company. Furthermore, this integrated management policy is thoroughly documented, implemented and maintained, and has been made available to all external and/or public stakeholders or interested parties.

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