Museums: List of Projects

Order by date
Construction Design PhaseQatar Olympic & Sports Museum
Work in progressShindagha Museum Wave 2b, Dubai
Kaluz Museum, Mexico DF
2017Etihad Museum, Dubai
The Norman Foster Foundation, Madrid
2016Museum of Málaga
Prototypes of display cases for The São Paulo Museum of Art
Display cases for The Bahia Museum of Sacred Art
2015Archaeology Galleries at the Museum of Pontevedra and Castro Culture Virtual Centre in Lalín
Museu da Imagem e do Som, Rio de Janeiro
2014National Archaeological Museum
The Brasiliana Collection, Itaú Cultural Institute
2012Monographic Museum and Punic Necropolis of Puig des Molins, Ibiza
Interpretation Center of Agriculture “Casa Gurbindo”, Pamplona
Juan de Espina Museum, Ampuero, Cantabria
2011Tito Bustillo Cave Art Centre
Historical Museum of Monforte del Cid, Alicante
“Castro” Culture Archaeological Park, Orense
2010Museum of Human Evolution
“El Encierro y los Sanfermines” Museum, Pamplona
Numismatic Cabinet of the National Archaeological Museum, Madrid
2009Bibat. Archaeology and Fournier Museum of Playing Cards, Vitoria
Museum of Romanticism
Permanent exhibition of Museum of Zaragoza, Ethnology section
Civil Guard Museum at the Castle of Maqueda, Toledo
Castell del Vi, Falset, Tarragona
Visitor Centre at the Palace of San Telmo, Seville
Environmental Visitor Information Centre, El Ventorrillo, Cantabria
2008Museum of Madinat al-Zahra, Córdoba
Science Park of Granada
Telecommunications Museum, Madrid
Museum of Embroideries and Chasubles of the Royal Monastery of Guadalupe, Cáceres
2007Institutional Headquarters and Visitor Centre of the Baelo Claudia Archaeological Site, Cadiz
City Museum on San Vicente Hill, Salamanca
National Museum of Roman Art, Mérida
Castle of Montemayor, Salamanca
Provincial Ethnographic Museum of León
Museum of the Iron, Steel and Mining Industries of Castile-Leon, Sabero, León
Visitor Information Centre on Cantabrian Prehistoric Cave Art, Teverga, Asturias
Prado Museum, Madrid
2006Cultural restoration project of the Church of San Pablo, Valladolid
Galician Sea Museum, Vigo
2005Martos Water Mill Museum, Córdoba
Visitor Information Centre on Vettonian Culture, Ávila
Visitor Information Centre on Snow, Argüeso, Cantabria
2004Visitor Information Centre of the Mysticism, Ávila
Costume Museum, Madrid
Lázaro Galdiano Museum, Madrid
National Museum of Decorative Arts, Madrid
Museum of Leon
Sephardic Museum, Toledo
National Theatre Museum, Almagro, Ciudad Real
2003Royal Armoury Museum, Madrid
Caesaraugusta Roman Theatre, Zaragoza
2002Spanish Centre for Astrobiology, Madrid
Museum-House of El Greco, Toledo
Royal Palace of La Granja de San Ildefonso, Segovia
Salzillo Museum, Murcia
2001Mint Museum, Madrid
Altamira National Museum and Research Centre, Santillana del Mar
National Archaeological Museum, Madrid
Caravaca Vera Cruz Museum, Caravaca, Murcia
Altamira National Museum and Research Centre, Santillana del Mar, Cantabria
National Sculpture Museum, Valladolid
2000Casa del Doncel, University Educational Training Centre, Sigüenza, Guadalajara
Duke of Pastrana Palace, Pastrana, Guadalajara
Museum of Anatomy, Madrid
CosmoCaixa, Alcobendas, Madrid
1999Royal Armoury Museum of the Royal Palace, Madrid
1998National Ceramics Museum González Martí, Valencia
Astronomy and Geodesy Museum of the Mathematics Department, Complutense University, Madrid
1997Museum of America, Madrid
Municipal Museum, Madrid
Museum of Majorca, Palma de Mallorca
National Sculpture Museum, Valladolid
Torres de Quart Museum, Valencia
1995Museum of San Francisco, Mahón, Menorca
Book Museum, National Library, Madrid
Museum of Contemporary Art, Badajoz
1994Museum of Fine Arts, La Coruña
Ruiz de Luna Museum of Ceramic Art, Talavera de la Reina, Toledo
1993Museum of America, Madrid
Valencian Institute of Modern Art (IVAM), Valencia