Kaluz, a collector’s museum in Mexico

Empty rarely receives private commissions for museum and exhibition production, but this was the case of a Mexican collector who wanted to share the paintings and select number of sculptures he had acquired over the years with the public. These works—primarily landscapes, but also still lifes and portraits—comprise a survey of Mexican art in the 19th and 20th centuries. Additionally, the collection includes some 21st-century pieces and a substantial group of paintings by Spanish artists who became exiles in Mexico after their country was torn by civil war. The Kaluz Museum will occupy a historic building in the Mexican capital known as “Hotel de Cortés”, remodelled by Francisco Pérez de Salazar. Empty has teamed up with the Mexican museography company Sietecolores to design and produce the exhibition architecture, defined by Matías Pinto d’Lacoste as a system of galleries that can be used for both display and storage. The visual identity of the future museum has been created by Isidro Ferrer, winner of the National Design and Illustration Prize.